Current issue
Shadow Plays
Spring/Summer 2011
Contemplating the Void:
Marie-Jeanne Musiol's
Black Holes
By Celina Jeffery

Looking for Fidel
By Dot Tuer

Insurgent Acts: The Art of Kara Walker
By Sheila Petty

Portrait of a Masked Man
By John Berger

Portfolios by:
Jocelyne Alloucherie

Manon De Pauw
Diane Landry
Marie-Jeanne Musiol
Regina Silveira
Kara Walker
various photographers from the Prensa Latina archives

The Biennial Phenomenon
Fall/Winter 2010
Biennial Fever
By Barbara Fischer

Site Seeing: An Art Tourist Visits the Santa Fe Biennial
By Laurie Davis

Who Let the Dogs Out?: Stan Denniston's

Los soñadores
By Jennifer Rudder

The New El Dorado
By Common Culture

Portfolios by:
Bill Burns

Paul Chan
Stan Denniston
April Hickox
Jesús Jiménez
Bill T. Jones and OpenEnded Group
Chris MacKenzie

Mary Reid Kelley
Clifford Ross

Clare Samuel
Border Cultures
Spring/Summer 2010
Hans Ulrich Obrist in conversation with Zineb Sedira

The 11th International Istanbul Biennial: What Keeps Mankind Alive?

By Kathleen Ritter, Jamelie Hassan and Josée Drouin-Brisebois

Border Rituals
By Lee Rodney

A line of poetry
By Rabih Mroué

Portfolios by:
Mounira al Solh

Nevin Aladag
Lado Darakhvelidze
Decolonizing Architecture
Gaston Zvi Ickowicz
Michael Love
Patrick Mahon

Ossama Mohammed
Hrair Sarkissian

Zineb Sedira
Eric Smith
David Taylor

Archival Legacies
Fall/Winter 2009

Posthumous Collaboration
By Monika Kin Gagnon

Zoe Leonard's Object-Based Photography

By Jordan Troeller

Jamal Cyrus on the Cut: Pride Records
By Jacob Korczynski

Simple Time
By Sudhatri Murthy

Portfolios by:
Barbara Balfour

Rose Bouthillier
Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska
Jamal Cyrus
Zoe Leonard
Kyla Mallett
Stephen G. Rhodes

Gabor Szilasi

Image Banks
Spring/Summer 2009

Assembling the Givens
By Peggy Gale

Between Image and Remembrance: The Psychic Residences of
Body Missing
By Dot Tuer

Marlene Creates: Interrogative Movement
By Jan Allen

Maid Sleeping, 18 Stafford Terrace
By Sarah Robayo Sheridan

Portfolios by:
Marlene Creates

Jeremy Drummond
Vera Frenkel
Christian Giroux and Daniel Young
Peter Granser

Angela Grauerholz
David Maisel

Jayce Salloum

Technology and the Body
Fall/Winter 2008

The New Chronic: Culture, Politics, Medicine
By Eric Cazdyn

The Extraordinary and the Everyday: Perspectives on the 55th Carnegie International

By Amanda Delorey and Marnie Fleming

BioKino: The Living Screen
By Shannon Bell

Gathering Waterlilies
By Sophie Hackett

Portfolios by:

Max Dean
Erika DeFreitas
Thomas Hirschhorn
Mike Kelley
Mathias Kessler
Rosario López

Ranjani Shettar
Cheryl Sourkes
Penelope Umbrico
Jennifer Willet

The Last Photograph
Spring/Summer 2008

A Beautiful Death: On Rosângela Rennó's Ultima Foto
By Cuauhtémoc Medina

Uncanny Figures and mean body
By Kim Sawchuk

Laws of Glass: The Ten Commandments/Prohibited Weapons
By Louis Kaplan

Three Irishmen Kneeling on Rocks
Kenneth J. Harvey

Portfolios by:
Robert Burley
Nichola Feldman-Kiss
Johannes Franzen
Simon Glass
Ryoji Ikeda
Rosângela Rennó
David Rokeby

Walking and Consciousness
Fall/Winter 2007

Critical Peripateticism
By Imre Szeman

Documenta 12: What Is To Be Done?
By Warren Crichlow

Stray Dogs and Urban Ghosts: Walking with Francis Alÿs
By Deborah Root

Syrian Desert
By Lorraine Field

Portfolios by:
Ai Weiwei
Francis Alÿs
Andrea Geyer/Sharon Hayes/Ashley Hunt/Katya Sander/David Thorne
Luis Jacob
Sanja Ivekovic
Amar Kanwar
M. Simon Levin & Laurie Long
Virginia Mak
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle
Hugh Martin
Helen Verbanz
Andrew Wright

Spectral Light
Spring/Summer 2007


Deuil: New Work by Spring Hurlbut
By Maia-Mari Sutnik

Architectural Fragments, Sculptural Illusions, in Out of Space: Photography and the Sculptural Imagination; A Dazibao Intervention
By Susan Edelstein

Manufacturing Humanism: Steichen/Burtynsky
By Janine Marchessault

Portfolios by:
Albano Afonso
Edward Burtynsky
John Duncan
Julio Grinblatt
Spring Hurlbut
Tania Kitchell
Nestor Krüger
Marie-Jeanne Musiol
Sarah Pickering
Daniel Von Sturmer
Erwin Wurm
Amon Yariv

Time Passages
Fall/Winter 2006

Wild Things: The Photographic Worlds of Jim Breukelman
By Karen Love

Embracing Dissent: Perspectives on the 27th São Paulo Bienal
Essays by José Roca, Elizabeth Matheson and Keith Wallace

Too Close to Home: Rethinking Representation in Martha Rosler's Photomontages of War
By Heather Diack

Portfolios by:
Lida Abdul
Lara Almarcegui
Roy Arden
Barbara Astman
Yael Bartana
Jim Breukelman
Lia Chaia
Marilá Dardot
Miki Kratsman
Sally McKay
Amy Pelletier
Martha Rosler
Adam Swica

Face Values
Spring/Summer 2006

I Don't Wanna Be in your Fuckin' Movie: Negotiating the Cinematic Eye in the Recent Work of Andrew Forster
By Anja Bock

I'll Make Me a World: Wedge Brings B(l)ack Portraits to Unexpected Places
By Pamela Edmonds

John Oswald's Disturbing Illusions of Time and Body
By Earl Miller

By Robert Bean

Portfolios by:
Douglas Coupland
Andrew Forster
Marjaana Kella
Liang Juhui
Jennifer Long
John Oswald
Dawit Petros
Yinka Shonibare
Michael Snow
Michael Taglieri

Impossible Landscapes
Fall/Winter 2005
Self-destroying Postcard Worlds: The Synthetic Landscapes of Isabelle Hayeur
By Jan Allen

Life in Venice: Physical Sensations at the 51st Venice Biennale
Featuring contributions by Michelle Jacques, Natalie De Vito, Roberto Pinto, Scott McLeod

The Incidental Landscape: Photographs from Eric Klemm's B.C. Project and Other Recent Works
By Gary Michael Dault

Portfolios by:
Olafur Eliasson
Carlos Garaicoa
Geert Goiris
Isabelle Hayeur
Eric Klemm
Mark Laliberte
Arnaud Maggs
Annette Messager
Hans Schabus
Greg Staats

Spring/Summer 2005

La Habana del Este
By Peter Hudson

Damage Done: Materializing the Photographic Image
By Vid Ingelevics

Gateshead Revisited: Runa Islam's Scale (1/16 Inch = 1 Foot)
By Kenneth Hayes

Portfolios by:
Patrick Altman
Yves Arcand
Thomas Barrow
Kotama Bouabane
James Casebere
Max Dean
Robert Frank
Jennifer Givogue
Paul Griffin
Runa Islam
Fiona McLaughlin
D. Bradley Muir
Manuel Piña
Nicole Raufeisen & Ryan Witt
Brett Weston
Fall/Winter 2004
Exhibit A: Photography from Atlantic Canada
By Scott McLeod

Between the Net and the Deep Blue Sea (Rethinking the Traffic in Photographs)
By Allan Sekula

I See a Darkness: Ultrasonic Memories
By Terence Dick

Portfolios by:
Scott Conarroe
Marlene Creates
Stan Douglas
Lorraine Field
John Haney
Thaddeus Holownia
Gaye Jackson
David Maisel
Catherine Opie
Steve Payne
Paulette Phillips
Ned Pratt
Allan Sekula
Scott Walden
Spring/Summer 2004

Paint It Black:
Curating the Temporal Image

By Philip Monk

Expect Delays:
An Artspeak Intervention

By Kathleen Ritter, Lorna Brown, Marina Roy and Glenn Alteen

Image Bank:
The Work of Thomas Demand
By Xandra Eden

Portfolios by:
Rebecca Belmore
Chris Curreri
Thomas Demand
Hugo Glendinning
+ Tim Etchells
Rodney Graham
Cheryl Pagurek
Robert Polidori
Carlos + Jason Sanchez
Wang Qingsong

Fall/Winter 2003

Here Kitty Kitty
By Kim Fullerton

I Now Pronounce You...: Weddings, Photography and Sexual Regulation
By John Marriott

What Suzy Lake Can Do That Britney Spears Can't
By Corinna Ghaznavi

Portfolios by:
Fran Bitett Beck
Lorraine Field
Nan Goldin
Rachel Harrison
Lisa Klapstock
Suzy Lake
Sarah McGibbon
John Milisenda
James Prior

Spring/Summer 2003

Specular Towers: Architecture and the Aerial View
By Robin Metcalfe

Mapping the Disaster: Walid Ra’ad’s Atlas Group Project and the Lebanese Civil Wars
By Deborah Root

The Remains of the Real: Laura Carton’s Absent Porn
By José Roca

Portfolios by:
Edward Burtynsky
Laura Carton
Lynne Cohen
Paul de Guzman
Naoya Hatakeyama
Isabelle Hayeur
Alain Paiement
Walid Ra’ad
Beatrix Reinhard
Jeff Wall
Mordern Yolles

Fall/Winter 2002

Design and Crime
by Hal Foster

Seven from Documenta 11
by Scott McLeod

Jeff Wall's Post-Mortem for a Gesture
by Kenneth Hayes

Portfolios by
Olivier Christinat
James Coleman
Kendell Geers
Candida Höfer
Vid Ingelevics
Isaac Julien
Ken Lum
Guy Maddin
Steve McQueen
Steve Payne
David Small

Spring/Summer 2002

Tableaux and Text in the Work
of Brenda Francis Pelkey

by Nancy Yakimoski

Encounters with Rineke Dijkstra
by Sophie Hackett

Memento Mori:

Mourning, Monuments and Memory
by Heather Cameron

Portfolios by
Marcelo Brodsky
Rineke Dijkstra
Simon Glass
Jean-Luc Godard
Angela Grauerholz
Toni Hafkenscheid
April Hickox
Marilyn Nazar
Brenda Francis Pelkey

Fall/Winter 2001

Richard Kerr's Recuperation:
After Motion Pictures and Les Collages de Hollywood
by Bart Testa

The Final Frame
What Remains
by Kyo Maclear

The Ambivalent Yearnings of Shirin Neshat
by Deborah Root

Portfolios by:
Richard Kerr
Tim Saltarelli
Jerry riley
Associated Press
Serge Clement
Stacey Tyrell
Shirin Neshat
Geoffrey James
Spring/Summer 2001

Awesome Ambiguity: Edward Burtynsky's Industrial Landscapes
by Rosemary Donegan

Twilight of the Real: The Photographs of Robin Collyer
by Shirley Madill

The Unseen Photographs of Forensic Identification Services
by Terence Dick

Portfolios by
Jack Burman
Edward Burtynsky
Robin Collyer
Eli Langer
Chris Marker
MTPF Forensic Identification Services
Cynthia Phillips
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Elene Tremblay

Fall/Winter 2000

Private Eyes, Public Eyes: Photography and the Surveillance Society
by Heather Cameron

Genevieve Cadieux's Baroque Logic
by Nancy Shaw

Documenting Typical Industrial Workplaces: Peter MacCallum's Interiors
by Adrian Blackwell + Rosemary Heather

Portfolios by
Christian Boltanski
Karin Bubas
Genevieve Cadieux
Rodney Graham
Thaddeus Holownia
Susan Kealey
Peter MacCallum
Peggy Taylor Reid
Mia Weinberg

Spring/Summer 2000
The Resurrection of the Surreal in the Photography of Janieta Eyre
By Andrea Picard

Posing Questions: Donigan Cumming's Moving Stills
By Scott McLeod

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here: Stan Douglas's Le Detroit
By Terence Dick

Portfolios by
Jean-Francois Berube
Olivier Boels
Donigan Cumming
H. Paul Doucette
Stan Douglas
Janieta Eyre
Guntar Kravis
Hyla Levy
Amy Wilson